Best 18 effective ways to reduce stress from your life

Top 18 ways to reduce stress

Best 18 effective ways to reduce stress from your life

Are you the one who is suffering from stress during the period of lockdown ?

Are you the one who is feeling stressed a lot ?

Do you want to get relief from stress ?

 If yes then you are at the right place stay tuned with me to know the best ways to reduce Stress .

During this period of lockdown everyone is suffering from stress. It may be related to work  or weak financial conditions .

Stress has become a major part of our life and we can't even remove it from our  life .

But we can follow some tips and rules to reduce stress from my life .

disadvantages of being stressed

But before we discuss the tips to reduce stress from your life .

let's see what are the disadvantages of being stressed :-

 1. Stress makes you mentally weak.

 2. It Lowers your IQ .

 3. It lowers your thinking capability .

4. It creates a feeling of irritation .

 5. It makes you more angry .

6. More stress can even cause you serious problems like depression and insomnia .

Harmful disease caused by taking stress :- 

I think the above  disadvantages are enough to tell you how stress is harming our body .

 The above points about stress are just a trailer if you will not stop taking stress then you have the risk to face harmful disease like ,

1. Obesity

 2. Heart disease 

3. Alzheimer

 4. Diabetes 

5. Asthma

6.  Gastrointestinal Problems 

And much more .

Here is an article you can visit to know more about how stress is harming our body.


Top 5 ways to reduce stress instantly :-

Top 5 ways to reduce stress instantly

Ok, let's come back to the point. Know you might be thinking How do I get rid of stress and anxiety ? Here are the top 5 ways to reduce stress from your life , and later we will discuss the other 13 ways to reduce stress .

• When you feel stressed then go outside .

This step is for those people who can move freely where covid cases are less .

When you feel stressed, have a walk in a fresh environment or you can visit a Church or temple anywhere ,  in a fresh environment where you can get a positive vibe .

 It will refresh your mind and will make you more energetic .  This tip  will also help you in  reducing stress instantly .

• Think about the good things ( play with your mind )

Basically this is not a tip ,  it is an activity that you can follow in your spare time.

 What you have to do is think about your good times. Now you might be thinking about what will happen if I think about my good time ? .

 Then let me tell  you guys it's very simple: our mind responds according to our thinking  . Thinking about good times releases a special type of  chemical that is responsible for happiness .

So remember when you think about the good  then the special chemical released in your mind will make you feel good . 

It will help you to reduce stress and will make you feel happy .

• Play games ( outdoor or indoor games )

This sounds unusual  but let me tell you there are many games that you can play with your friends and family members.

 It  will change your mood , you can play chess , carrom , ludo and table tennis , Cricket with your friends and family members .

 There are even many apps available on the play store  that you can try to reduce stress .

Few of them are :-

1. Blissu ( Spirituality , mental health and mindfulness )

2. Relax lite 

 I'm sure if you will use and try these  apps then you can reduce the amount of stress in your life .

• Listen music

It is said that music is the best medicine for stress . And I have even tried it personally .

It works great , you can listen to any type of music , but remember to avoid sad songs . Listen to party songs , energetic songs or motivational songs .

• Start everything from zero

When you feel depressed , then this tip is just for you . When you feel that things are going worse .

Then you must start from zero . Everything  from zero . Start a new day with new life and new rules .

Try to find new solutions . For your existing problems .

Top 10 simple ways to relieve stress and work effectively :-

1) Meditation 

Meditation is the best practice to avoid stress . You can develop this habit . And I am sure it will really help you .

Meditation has many benefits few of the are :-

1. It improves your brain power .

2. It improves your thinking capability 

3. It makes you more productive .

4. You can improve your focus and mental power .

2) Spend some time with family members

Most of us are so busy in our daily work routine , that we even have no time to spend with family members .

Doing work regularly  without taking a break creates a feeling of stress or irritation . 

To avoid irritation you must spend a quality of time with your family members . Ask your children about their studies , ask your wife about what she is going to cook for dinner . Ask your parents , are they doing well? 

These tips will change your mood and within 30 mins you will be refreshed .

3) Have a break 

Most people avoid taking breaks , especially when they have to do a lot of work .

But let me tell you guys, taking a break in between helps you refresh your brain . And reducing work load or stress .

Taking breaks at different intervals , creates space in your brain and arranges the information that you have previously captured .

So take a break . 

Related :-

4) Share with your family 

When you feel stressed about something , then you can share it with your mom & dad or with your wife .

It is said that sharing is caring , it is not for the food only . Share your thoughts . And I am sure sharing thoughts will surely give you relief . 

5) Exercise 

Exercising regularly will make you stress free . Doing exercises has a great benefit in our daily routine .

Few benefits of exercise :- 

1. Exercise makes you feel fresh .

2. Exercise makes you strong 

3. It improves both your physical and mental health .

Which exercise or yoga do you need to do to reduce stress ? 

My opinion  

1. You must practice hatha yoga . It is specially for stress management . 

2. Hatha yoga mainly focuses on the mind , breathing .

3. This yoga helps you to control your stress easily

Here's are the best posture of hatha yoga .

best poses of hatha yoga .

One who is successful in life , has the ability to control his thoughts . 

Best way to reduce stress is to control your negative thoughts . Develop a positive attitude . Keep yourself calm and positive


6) Get a hug from your loved ones 

Hugs are more than sharing thoughts , when you feel stressed , and things are going worse then you must hug someone whom you love a lot .

Giving a hug to someone who you love the most will give relief .

 7) Plan a trip in a month 

Planning a trip with your family in a week or a month can help you spend some quality time with nature .

You will be refreshed . So try to plan a trip .

8) Speak less 

When we speak, our brain consumes our energy .

To avoid this and to save energy one should avoid talking less . When you develop the habit of talking less and listening more you can get many benefits .

1. You can save your energy .

2. You can save your time .

3. You can increase your productivity

9) Stop overthinking

Thinking too much about something also creates a situation of stress .

To avoid stress you must avoid overthinking . Stop overthinking, just live in the present moment .

10) Present moment

This tip is derived from the previous one . We all are just thinking about our future . And worrying about what the future will be .

Some people are just depressed by thinking about their past .

Let me tell you guys , thinking about your past and predicting about your future is just wasting your present .

Live in the present moment .

The rest of the three are not much discovered so let me tell you in a single line .

1. Avoid smartphones 

2. Avoid multitasking

3. Be Patience 


How can I reduce stress quickly ?

Here are some ways that can help you to increase your stress in no time :-

1. When you feel stressed, go outside .

2. Think about the good things .
Play games with your family members .

3. Listen to music .

4. Start everything from zero .

What are the top 5 ways to reduce stress ?

Here are the top 5 ways that can help you :-

1. Meditation.

2. Control your thoughts .

3. Try to speak less .

4. Live in the present moment .

 5. Stop overthinking .

Best exercises that i  can follow to reduce stress ?

Here's the best exercise you can do :- 

You must practice hatha yoga . It is specially for stress management .

Disadvantages of being stressed in life ?

Here are the few disadvantages of being stressed :-

1. Stress makes you mentally weak.

2. It Lowers your IQ .

3. It lowers your thinking capability .

 Bonus tip

Share you a very intresting when you feel stressed then what you have to do is press your each fingers and take a deep breath . Breath press finger again breath and press finger On by one . This technique works amazingly .

Try it .


Everyone wants to avoid stress but can't , here's a short summary of what we have discussed in this whole blog post .

Bottom of the heart ( message ) 

I hope you can relate to yourself from the above paragraph . Share your views about stress and how you deal with stress ? In the comment section . 

I am waiting for your answer . 

Also if found helpful then please share it as much as possible , make this post one of the most viral on the internet .


Note :- This post is just an updated version of the old post  to make information more accurate . 

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