Top 5 ways to improve your positive thinking

Positive thinking is an evergreen topic throughout the internet.

Positive thinking has led the society towards a new way, having a happy life is everyone's need.

Top 5 ways to improve your positive thinking

But not everyone has the dare to achieve it. Negative thoughts have spread all over society.

Every 1 out of 5 are toxic people now we can't avoid everyone then what's the best thing to do ?

Let's find out 

 How you can improve your thoughts.

1. Spot, Swap & Change 

This is one of the most popular and efficient techniques to stay positive.

Whenever a negative thought comes in your mind then spot it and find the reason why this thought came in your mind.

Now it's time to change that thought with something positive. 

In simple words whenever you get a negative thought then just replace it with a positive one.

It will help you in dealing with negative thoughts and toxic people. 

2. Time allocation 

We can't ignore Everyone and 1 out of 5 people are actually toxic so the best way to avoid them is to set a time.

The less amount of time you will spend with them the more you will stay positive. 

Believe me this actually works when you are surrounded by a lot of negative people.

3. Your words matters a lot 

Being a beginner sometimes we get frustrated and use some words that are not appropriate.

Our words matter a lot the way we think the way it happens so in order to be a successful person use good words for yourself. 

Remember one thing: your present thinking decides your future and where you will stand.

Don't talk rubbish about yourself, practice positive affirmations , I am the best, I can do it , I am confident and much more.

This world is just full of negativity . Everyone is just blaming others . 

3. Change your behaviour 

If something matters than it's our behaviour, the way we act in the corresponding situations matters a lot.

When we react to certain situations it actually indicates what value we possess and what's our real identity.

To bring change in the world, first bring the change in yourself and focus on your behaviour.

Try to handle situations and pressure with patience

4. Practice daily positive affirmations 

Affirmations are the positive quotes or sentences that make you positive when you read them . 

So  try to practice affirmation daily .

6-min in the morning , 3-min in the noon and 9-min in the night . 

5. Read some books

Reading is the best thing and the best habit that one should have in his daily routine. 

Why? Simply because reading abroads and expands your knowledge, it pushes your limits and makes you understand beyond imagination.

Reading has a great benefit but there are some people who feel bored reading books, so here's what you can do.

Check out the books in audio form. There are many apps on the Play Store and videos on YouTube that actually give you a summary. 

One book that I must suggest you to read is How to think like a monk ? By Jay Shetty.

This book is fully based on mental peace, positivity and how to remain positive. 

Some points in this post are considered from this book too, you must read this book once in a lifetime. 

If you hate reading then here's a book summary for you.

Bonus tip 

Focus on good things 

Glass kept on a table has two viewpoints either it's half full or half empty.

It depends upon us how we actually deal with problems and the interesting thing is we can control our viewpoint. 

Try to have a positive viewpoint and find positivity in negativity. You should focus on good things and avoid the bad ones completely .

In order to become successful in life you must focus on your work and avoid all your negative thoughts .


last but not the least there is always a way for succes untill you realise how ?

change your thinking this world will change automatically. 

Good day 

Updated on:- 28/04/2022

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