Self improvement from the Scratch

 Working continuously for hours and hours we all are similar to that axe that is cutting down trees but has no time to sharpen his edge.

As a result the efficiency of the axe will be reduced and that's the same with us, we are so deep in today's society that it is hard to escape.

Updating yourself and detoxing negative thoughts is important because it makes your mind healthy and fit.

Self improvement from the Scratch

Self improvement is the best way to update yourself as it covers all your distractions, smaller areas and the areas you are weak.

Let's know more about self improvement in detail 

What does Self improvement mean ?

Self improvement is the ability to improve yourself in areas you are weak . Self improvement not only pursues you to accept your mistakes but also , it leads you to a better future. 

In short self improvement is the continuous improvement in the desire to make yourself better. So, for a better future one must acquire self improvement


Why is self improvement important ?

 Self improvement is important because

• Self improvement is helpful in improving your behaviour .

• Self improvement is not a need, it is a necessity .

• To become a better person in life .

• Self improvement can make you stronger.


Self improvement habits that you can have

Here is a list of self improvement habits that you can work upon and develop in your life.

1 Reading

2 Listening to podcasts

3 Give time to yourself

4 Practice Meditation regularly 

5 Love yourself

6 Improve your skills

Basic requirements for Self improvement

1. Availability of Time

While working for yourself you must have enough time for yourself because that's the basic need of self improvement.

You can't change your habits in a day or in a week , to make changes in your life , you have to work continuously for months & months.

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If you are busy and can't get some time for yourself then you must take out an hour or half an hour for yourself in the morning.

2 . Growth Mindset

Mindsets are of two types , Growth mindset and fixed mindset . Growth mindset where a person tries to update itself with respect to time whereas in a fixed mindset a person remains stuck with his old thinking . 

Growth mindset is an  ability to accept our mistakes and have the guts to improve them in life .

There are many advantages to being a person with a growth mindset . Growth mindset is necessary for self development 

One who has the desire to learn something will surely learn it and will by heart that skill one day.

But doing something without interest is just a waste of time and your efforts.

So for a better future and to acquire self improvement in life you must have an availability of time as well as a desire to learn and improve.

9 ways to develop self improvement

1. Try to pause your bad habits.

Avoid those habits which you think are not good for your health and for a good future.

Ex :- Smoking , Alcohol , Watching unusual things on social media , etc . 

These habits are just like poison . 

Bad habits are as harmful as poison so it's better to leave them rather than crying over the destruction made by them.

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Bad habits are so harmful as they destroy your career, make you mentally weak, lower your IQ and have long term effects.

2. Avoid bad friends.

Avoid those friends , whom you think are not good for your career . Avoid these kinds of friends who are not good in terms of thoughts and habits . 

It's well said that a book is a good friend and a good friend is a library but what about bad friends.

If good friends are library then bad friends are like hell because they have nothing special that you can learn from them.

Bad friends take you to their own level and make you focus on short term enjoyments.

So if you are willing to achieve success then leave those friends who are still focusing on enjoyments rather than career.

3. Discover yourself

If you don't know yourself then how can you make others understand yourself so the first step is to know yourself.

Discover yourself , discover your interest , discover your passion , discover your strength and your weakness .  

Find out what suits you better and what's the best way you can improve yourself and how you can make yourself more efficient.

Self improvement is 0 until you don't know about yourself. No one knows better than you.

4. Love yourself.

Self love or self care is the best habit that everyone should develop , being a self loving person connects you to your soul .

God has given us this beautiful body , love it , love this world , enjoy every moment of life. 

This world is just full of negative thoughts, stress and anxiety so why waste your precious life being stressed.

Leave that zone, come forward and enjoy your own company, whatever you have just stay happy.

Being happy matters the most from Mr Bean. He is so happy in his own company and that's what you have to do from today.

Love yourself makes yourself feel important.

5. Try learning something new everyday.

Learning is very important . One should try to learn something everyday , it can be a new language, new sports , new instrument or something else . 

Learning broadens your mind, it increases your knowledge and makes you more knowledgeable.

Learning is essential because it keeps you updated and anything that's updated with time is called the trend.

So why to be the one who is still in the past society updating your knowledge and changing your perspective.

Learn something new, it can be devolving new habits or skills or listening to podcasts, building your body, exercise or something like that.

6. Learn from your previous mistakes.

Mistakes tell us that we are trying , one who corrects mistakes in his life always become successful person , but one who ignore them is a stupid . 

So , what you have to do is try to learn a lesson from your mistakes in order to avoid the same thing in the  future.  

Mistakes are the key to success in life. They make you to unfollow the same path in order to avoid those mistakes.

This is a universal law that one who learns from his mistakes always becomes successful as he knows what to do when.

7. Start your day with a positive mind.

Stay positive , start your day with a positive quote or listen to some energetic podcast , don't spoil your mood due to silly things . 

Swami Vivekanand once said the way you think the way you become so think positive and act positive.

Doesn't matter how much negativity is around you if something matters than that is how you reflect towards them.

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Stay positive, avoid negative thoughts as much as you can, you can even try the swap, spot and change technique.

 8. Always set a growth mindset.

Growth mindset is basically a type of mindset that says that our body and mind never stops learning . We can learn new things . In other words, a growth mindset leads us to a beautiful world where learning is endless .

 Successful people like Elon Musk , Jeff Bezos and many more follow this mindset . Even i think that a growth mindset is better than a fixed mindset .

 Because the growth mindset as by name approaches us to grow more and more while a fixed mindset stops us.

FAQ ( frequently asked questions )

Where do I start self-improvement?

It doesn't matter actually because self improvement lies in your mind just stay focused and be determined.

Have a determination that you will give up your bad habits and improve your skills and focus on your weak areas.

How do I become more positive and motivated?

1. Ignore your thoughts 
2. Avoid negative thoughts
3. Change negative thoughts in to positive.

What is the key to self-improvement ?

The key to self improvement is consistency, dedication and a desire to improve yourself and to make yourself better.

Why is self-improvement so hard?

It's hard to improve yourself because it's a direct flight between you and your mind so it's not easy to defeat him.

Self improvement is hard because you are focusing on bad habits that are not easy to break.

Self improvement books 

 1. Be you only better 


Self improvement is important not because it's the need but the necessity and a desire to be a more successful person in life.

Keep improving yourself, you can't be perfect but can be better in life.

That's all 

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